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Bluewater Bay Yacht Divers offers  professional hull cleaning, zinc hull inspection and anode changing services. The warm waters in Florida provide an optimal environment for the growth of barnacles, microorganisms, and plants on the boat’s underwater surfaces. In such an environment, it is necessary to clean the bottom of your vessel regularly.
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Your water vessel is your investment; therefore, you want to ensure you use professionals who will deliver excellent cleaning and maintenance services. Cleaning hulls lets you see if mechanical equipment like propellers have issues and avoid them before they become huge problems. We have highly trained experts that will maintain your hull with ease.
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As your boat’s hull remains underwater; it will collect barnacles, algae, marine life, and other organic build-ups. The longer you allow these marine growths to accumulate on your boat’s bottom, the more drag they will create and add weight to your vessel, causing extra strain on your investment. Consequently, they will strain the engine and lead to more fuel consumption.

Additionally, they will cause your boat to be slower, and its general performance will be lower. Boat owners can avoid these adverse effects by scheduling hull cleaning services. With our services, you can also enjoy other benefits of regular boat bottom cleaning, like efficient fuel consumption.

When owners regularly clean vessels’ hulls, they consume less fuel. You can expect a reduction in the fuel consumed by your boat depending on several factors like vessel size, operation profile, and amount of marine fouling. Hull cleaning also prolongs the life of your vessel.

If you own a yacht or are a captain and wish to get rid of the marine growth on your hull, you can choose between scheduling an underwater cleaning session or hauling out your vessel for a full cleaning and polish. At Bluewater Bay Yacht Divers, we offer both services.

We have dockside service packages that include divers offering underwater cleaning services. Also, we have a marina and full-service yard where we provide out-of-the-water boat bottom cleaning. We are a committed team and have maintenance programs that will guarantee you top-notch yacht care.

Underwater cleaning services are the most cost-effective option. We only haul out the vessel when we want to replace through-hulls, propellers or running gears. When using our dive service on a recurring basis, this can and will extend the life of your vessels bottom paint.
Underwater hull cleaning is not an easy job. That is why you should seek specialists to help with the task. For decades, our company has provided hull cleaning services in Niceville, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. By providing these services, we aim to eliminate fouling and biological roughness on the vessel’s body by cleaning its parts like the intakes and waterlines.

Marine fouling build-up leads to increase drag which impacts negatively on the hydrodynamic performance of your yacht. What’s more, fouling resulting from a build-up of hard materials like tubeworm causes noise and cavitation. These frequently affect speed logs and other sensors mounted on the hull.

Our professional divers can adequately clean the hull and remove all fouling without damaging its coating or increasing its roughness. We can either use divers with brushers to perform the job or a remotely operated vehicle. Usually, divers can clean up to 200 to 400 square meters of flat surfaces on vessels per hour. However, the rate will also depend on the fouling on your boat and the type of boat.
It is worth mentioning that we clean boats of all kinds and ages. Your location will determine how often you should clean your vessel. If you live in an area with a rapid growth rate, your boat will need regular cleaning. On average, most yacht owners clean their hulls each month. Our company uses less abrasive tools to increase the longevity of your paint job. Scrubbing off paint shortens the boat’s lifespan and reduces its ability to prevent fouling build-up.
Hull cleaning costs vary between different areas of the county. The rates depend on the vessel size and the cleaning professionals you choose. Cleaners charge clients by foot, but others may bill by the hour or minute.

Typically, hull cleaning services range from $2.50-$3.50 per foot. For sailboats like Menohull/catamaran, we charge $2.25-$2.75 per foot for cleaning, whereas powerboat owners with vessels over 45 feet can pay $2.75-$3.00 per foot. If your vessel has higher fouling, your cleaning expenses will be higher. You need to find a reputable company with affordable rates to maintain the hull condition of your boat.

To conclude, regular bottom cleaning of your vessel will extend your boat's lifespan and enhance its performance. Our company has certified and insured experts to deliver quality hull cleaning services. Contact us today to know the range of services we offer and schedule a cleaning session.
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